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Avramidis Earthworks
Excavations and Backfilling - Land Formation - Cleaning of Plots and Stables - Removal of Bases
- Moving Materials - Lifting Materials - Kato Christos Serres


The company "Avramidis Earthworks" based in Serres was founded in 2012 and since then has established itself as a reliable and specialized operator in the field of earthworks. With extensive experience, the company provides high-quality services in various fields of the earthmoving profession.


Excavations and Backfilling: The company offers specialized excavation and backfilling services, meeting the needs of its customers with precision and efficiency.
Land Formation: The company specializes in land formation, creating smooth and functional surfaces according to the requirements of the projects.
Cleaning Plots and Stables: The company undertakes the cleaning of plots and stables consistently and professionally.
Slag Removal: Specialized staff and modern equipment are available for efficient slag removal.
Material Movement: The company has specialized vehicles and personnel to move materials safely and efficiently.
Material Lifting: With experience in the use of crane trucks, the company serves your material lifting needs safely and professionally.

The company has modern and specialized equipment to meet every requirement of its projects. In addition, owning a crane truck allows lifting operations to be carried out accurately and safely.

The company "Avramidis Earthworks" is committed to providing high quality services, with professionalism and consistency, meeting the needs of its customers at every stage of their projects.