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"Avramidis Earthworks", based in Serres, undertakes the removal of screeds efficiently and consistently. With its experience and specialized equipment, our company provides high-level junk removal services that cover every need.

Professional Junk Removal: Junk removal requires skilled personnel and proper equipment to be performed safely and efficiently. Our company has a specialized team that carries out junk removal with professionalism and attention to detail.

Trash Removal Services:

Removal of Construction Materials: We undertake the removal and sorting of construction materials, ensuring environmental sustainability.
Cleaning of construction sites: We ensure the cleaning of construction sites from rubble, allowing the smooth progress of the works.
Debris Removal: Having the appropriate equipment, we remove debris from buildings and other structures.
Environmental Commitment: Our company is committed to performing rubbish removal services with respect for the environment. We implement practices that promote recycling and sustainable materials management.

If you need reliable and professional rubble removal in Serres, contact "Avramides Earthworks". We are here to undertake your project with reliability and professionalism.