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Land Formation
Avramidis Earthworks - Excavations and Backfilling - Cleaning of Plots and Stables - Removal of Piles
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"Avramides Earthworks" undertook the mission of offering earthworks services with a high level of expertise and commitment to quality. Based in Serres, the company emerges as the ideal choice for any project that requires the formation and optimization of the territorial space.

Specialized Team:
Our team consists of specialized professionals with many years of experience in the field of earthworks. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to undertake landscaping projects with perfect results.

Planning and Execution:
Every landscaping project begins with careful planning, taking into account the client's needs and specifications. Our company offers personalized solutions, seeking the best possible configuration of the territorial space.

Landscaping Services:

Leveling and Smoothing: We create smooth surfaces, optimizing the use of space.
Garden and Flower Construction: We design and create environments that reflect nature and the client's needs.
Soil Drainage: We use expertise to remove excess moisture and improve soil permeability.
Creating Layers: Depending on the needs, we create layers for improving horticulture or other uses.
"Avramide Earthworks" is the choice that guarantees the efficient and professional shaping of your land area. Contact us to discuss how we can bring the art of landscaping to your project.