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Lifting Materials
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"Avramidis Earthworks", based in Serres, is the reliable partner specialized in material lifting, offering professional services with safety and precision.

Specialized Equipment:
Our company has specialized and modern equipment for lifting materials in any kind of construction environment. Regardless of the size or weight of the material, we are prepared to provide reliable lifting services.

Material Lifting Services:

Heavy Lifting: We have crane vehicles and equipment for the safe lifting of heavy loads and large construction components.
Lifting of Construction Machinery: Our specialized craftsmen undertake the lifting and placement of construction machinery safely and accurately.
Lifting Services in Domestic Projects: Regardless of the type of building project, we provide material lifting services with specialized equipment.
Safe and Professional Lifting:
Safety is always our priority. Our trained staff follow strict safety rules during lifting services, ensuring the smooth progress of the work.

If you are looking for professional and reliable material lifting in Serres, contact "Avramidis Earthworks". Our experience and commitment to quality make our company the ideal choice for your needs.